One thought on “Watch: Gamera Guardian of the Universe

  1. I truly enjoy your podcasts, even if I am one of those listeners who shouts back the answers to your questions. I burned through the first year on a recent long road trip. Now, I am working my way towards the middle. This is one of my favorite Kaiju films. I look forward to your views on the other two in the trilogy. Keep up the good work. If you thought Gamera: Super Monster was bad, and it was, may I suggest Pulgasari, a North Korean Film with an incredible back story, and Reptilicus, a Danish/American co-production that scared the crap out of me as a kid, but is pretty ridiculous now.
    I’ll end with a fun fact you may not have known: the 1990s Gamera trilogy was directed by the same guy who went on to direct Godzilla GMK, Shusuke Kaneko.


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