Godzilla vs. Kong

EPISODE 105 – Ralph and Jorge are BACK! Legendary released the latest film in their Monsterverse series and the guys have a lot of thoughts about this clash of the titans! After countless delays, does the film live up to the hype? Are we satisfied with the victor of the slugfest? Were we surprised by the secret character? There’s only one way to find out! Sit back and enjoy. 4.1.2021



EPISODE 104 – Jorge and Ralph discuss the last four years of their epic rampage around the world of Kaiju Films! On this final regularly scheduled episode, the guys discuss their Top 6-10 films, Favorite Kaiju Designs, Podcast-centric Band Names, Favorite Godzilla & Kong designs and a lot more! Be sure to stay subscribed to your feed, because you’ll never know when we will rise from the sea again!! 12.21.2020



 – Ralph and Jorge are talking about “The Manda Movie”… well, actually it’s the 1963 Ishiro Honda film Atragon! Sure Manda is in the movie, but the guys are more impressed with Atragon aka Gotengo, a super submarine that appears to be indestructible! Oh, also we go down a rabbit hole with Godzilla Island! 5.15.2019


Space Amoeba

EPISODE 57 – Jorge and Ralph are talking about the Ishiro Honda monster movie from 1970! Even though this movie is called Space Amoeba, it only takes place in outer space for a little bit. The majority of the film takes place on an island with … natives?! After we get finished talking about the film, we keep the recorder going and discuss toys, kaiju tv shows and general nonsense.  2.04.2019



Gamera: Super Monster

– Jorge and Ralph step into a new decade as they welcome Gamera into 1980 with open arms! Unfortunately for them Gamera: Super Monster is nothing but a strange plot surrounding alien invaders in a Star Destroyer fighting against a trio of Super heroines. Sure Gamera shows up from time to time, but mostly in footage we have already seen from his previous films. Bummer! 12.05.2018


Varan the Unbelievable

– Ralph and Jorge are discussing the 1962 American version of Daikaiju Baran, aka Varan: The Unbelievable! A lot has been cut out of the original Ishiro Honda film for this version, and without knowing that ahead of time, we can tell! With only 15 minutes surviving in this version, we are chomping at the bit to see the original Japanese film. From the amazing monster suit and models, to the silly American footage, Varan is a pretty fun ride, but feels watered down. 11.26.2018


Return of Daimajin


EPISODE 48 – Ralph and Jorge are talking about the sequel to the 1966 giant statue movie. Daimajin. You would think that since Majin was setup in the first film, that we would be able to catch a glimpse of him much sooner in this one. That’s not the case. There is so little Majin stuff to talk about on this episode that the guys start talking about The Scorpion King and Mummy series.  9.20.18


The Mysterians


EPISODE 45 – Jorge and Ralph are talking about Ishiro Honda’s 1957 sci-fi war film, The Mysterians. The plot is simple enough. A race of strange visitors from outer space come to Earth and will live here peacefully under two conditions. We give them 3km square feet of land and, oh yeah, they’re gonna need women!! All bets are off as far as the Earth is concerned! 8.31.18




EPISODE 40 – Jorge and Ralph are talking about the 1963 Ishiro Honda horror film also known as Attack of the Mushroom People! What happens when you take the cast of Gilligan’s Island, turn them into a bunch of a-holes then set them loose on an island infested with disgusting Mushroom People?! There’s only one way to find out! MATANGO!  5.17.2018


Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters


EPISODE 39 – Ralph and Jorge are talking about the Toho animated Godzilla film. In this first installment of the trilogy, Earth has been overrun by monsters and Godzilla is king! It’s up to a small group of humans, who have returned from space 20,000 years in the future, to defeat Godzilla and reclaim the Planet of the Monsters! The film is currently available on Netflix.  5.17.2018


King Kong


EPISODE 34 – Ralph and Jorge are in awe of the 8th Wonder of the World. King Kong! From 1933 comes one of the greatest stories to grace the silver screen. The guys discuss the amazing FX, the incredible landscapes of Skull Island, the lack of compassion towards Kong and… uh… natives. 2.9.18


Gojira & Godzilla: King of the Monsters!


EPISODE 27 – Ralph and Jorge are celebrating one year of the Kaiju Podcast with a double dose of Godzilla! They are watching Gojira (1954) and the American counterpart Godzilla: King of the Monsters! (1956) starring Raymond Burr as reporter Steve Martin. These are the films that kicked off a 60+ year franchise! Enjoy the episode and thanks to everyone who has stuck with us for the past year! 7.28.17


Ultraman: The Little Hero


BONUS EPISODE 2 – Jorge and Ralph are joined by Michael Giacchino (ROAR! Cloverfield Overture, Spider-man Homecoming) for a special Ultraman themed episode! They discuss episode 37 “The Little Hero”, in which the Science Patrol is given a warning from the lovable and terrifying Pigmon! The conversation goes beyond Ultraman, when the guys start discussing things that terrified them from their childhoods! 6.26.17

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EPISODE 13 – Jorge and Ralph are talking about the original 1961 Mothra stand alone film. We learn about the origins of Mothra, the first glimpse at the Mothra Twins, aka Fairies, babies in peril and one of the biggest jerks to ever grace the big screen. Nelson. We also have to deal with more natives, so buckle in! 1.26.17

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Kong: Skull Island


EPISODE 7– Jorge and Ralph are diving deep into Kong: Skull Island. They discuss all of the action, drama, creatures and Kong’s weapons in the latest Legendary Monsterverse film! No stone will be left unturned on this king sized episode! Side note, that “bonus episode” mentioned didn’t actually happen, but you probably figured that out already. 04.13.17

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