Godzilla vs. Kong

EPISODE 105 – Ralph and Jorge are BACK! Legendary released the latest film in their Monsterverse series and the guys have a lot of thoughts about this clash of the titans! After countless delays, does the film live up to the hype? Are we satisfied with the victor of the slugfest? Were we surprised by the secret character? There’s only one way to find out! Sit back and enjoy. 4.1.2021


King Kong


EPISODE 34 – Ralph and Jorge are in awe of the 8th Wonder of the World. King Kong! From 1933 comes one of the greatest stories to grace the silver screen. The guys discuss the amazing FX, the incredible landscapes of Skull Island, the lack of compassion towards Kong and… uh… natives. 2.9.18


Kong: Skull Island


EPISODE 7– Jorge and Ralph are diving deep into Kong: Skull Island. They discuss all of the action, drama, creatures and Kong’s weapons in the latest Legendary Monsterverse film! No stone will be left unturned on this king sized episode! Side note, that “bonus episode” mentioned didn’t actually happen, but you probably figured that out already. 04.13.17

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